The branding goal was to create a hand sketched brandmark that is memorable and well distinguished from Fig +Floret’s competitors.


Fig and Floret’s branding aims to position themselves in the formal expressive aesthetic to maximize differentiation in their market.


The final mark is a hand-sketched mark paired with a feminine typeface. The combination is formal and expressive in nature. A well-designed typeface created by Sensatype and hand sketched fig with two simply sketched fig leaves.




Famous is a sans serif font that Sensatype created for branding needs. This feminine font has extra uniquely shaped ligatures, and alternate characters to help add value and design choices to your brand. Baskerville is a serif typeface designed in the 1750s by John Baskerville. It is classified as a transitional typeface, intended as a refinement of what are now called old-style type-faces of the period. Compared to earlier designs popular in Britain, Baskerville increased the contrast between thick and thin strokes, making the serifs sharper and more tapered, and shifted the axis of rounded letters to a
more vertical position.