The rebranding goal was to expand the Moonthlies logomark to encompass a variety of new products rather than limiting the target market to menstrual disc users. Moonthlies an expanding woman owned company dedicated to instilling confidence in menstruators and their needs planned to broaden their product line. Communicating the cyclical nature of a woman’s life and different seasons of menstrual needs became a main focus of the rebranding process.


Moonthlies rebranding aimed to position themselves in the expressive yet formal aesthetic to maximize differentiation in their current marketplace. It was a priority to keeping the striking red that currently differentiates Moonthlies, but adding a visual flair with an extended color palette and serifed secondary typeface.

moonthlies big brand ideaFINAL MARK:

The final mark is expressive in its emphasis on the cyclical nature of menstruation. The red moon is striking, yet harmonized with the white moon in the opposing “o” type form. It is refined and formal in aesthetic yet not overly casual.  

experimental font logo Jen Cloes DesignsMoonthlies bw logoPRIMARY TYPEFACE:

Skia was used to develop the logotype.  Humanist typefaces, sometimes known as old-style or Venetian, are inspired by traditional Latin letterforms. Fonts in the humanist family are characterized by low contrast between thin and thick strokes, loose letter spacing, and wide counters, making them more legible for small-sized text. Humanist sans-serifs naturally pair well with Old Style serifs and both designs have a strong calligraphic feel that ties them together. Therefore, Adobe Caslon is suggested as a secondary typeface.


Angular consistency was the go to adjectives when we were designing the brand packaging patterns. The overlapping of outlines and solids emphasizes our new logo design. We have a triangle, hexagon and diamond themed pattern to add interest and flair to our packaging design. When the patterns are used on black or white packaging the salmon color can replace the white or black in order to achieve consistency in branding. The various geometric shapes lend well to secondary color palettes as well as further brand expansions.

Cosmetic tube with branding and patternDiamond patternTriangle pattern