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My Design Journey

By March 20, 2022 July 15th, 2022 2 Comments
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I started out this week’s blog post with every intention of communicating what your logo says or can say about your company. As I thought more about it, I didn’t want to just add to the noise of color theory, typography, and logo representation. While those are important elements in the visual design world, I can provide you with a personal perspective I know can help your business.

So here I am lending my voice in an educated manner to help you and your business thrive, stand out, and be recognized in this cacophony of echo chambers we call social media channels and interwebs. 

WHO I am:

I recently made the leap from general graphic designer to brand identity designer. I now specialize in strategic brand identity design. It’s been a journey. From the side hustle business owner (anyone here remember Sudsy Creations? Geeks On Call?), to an uneducated designer, to San Diego State Art degree (while raising teens), back to general graphic designer. Now I am niching down into brand identities. I wholeheartedly thank those of you who have supported me along this crazy fabulous journey.

WHAT I do:

What differentiates me from a general graphic designer is that I create logos in the forms of symbols, type, or marks that help identify your brand.  Then visualize them in a witty, yet clear manner across all of your visual assets. 

The gist is that your business logo identifies your business. Everything your company does, touches, or shows the world is your brand. Your company is perceived by the world with every communication. 

Every time an Amazon employee interacts with you, like running over your driveway lights (in my unfortunate case,) you are making a judgment about Mr. Jeff Bezos. Seeing that Amazon logo smile pulling away on a van seers into your unconscious brain what his company represents to you. 

WHY I do it:

I truly believe my brain was created to do this for other’s. 

Right after graduating from SDSU I took an internship at a design firm. What should have been a stepping stone to my brilliant freelance career ended up being a major pitfall for my ego. I was working with men my age who had been in this business for years. I truly do not believe it was their intention, but every interaction had me feeling belittled. I left my time there questioning everything I thought I was good at.

Except I’m no quitter! I used to laugh at myself when training for my first marathon. The friends I ran with were more trained than me. On our long runs I would start off strong and then fall behind. I would take a walking session, and then pick back up and catch them. 

So after my internship wrapped up, I took every design opportunity that came my way no matter how big or small of a design job it was. Cue the spiritwear and snack bar menu making years. Now that my kiddos are adults and I have done some major soul searching, I have embraced branding design again.

Brand strategists help define your company’s vision, goals, target audiences, and personality. I take these elements of your business and create your visual elements. Most of the businesses I have worked with do not yet have a business strategy mapped out.

This is why I call myself a “strategic” brand identity designer. I collaborate with you on your company’s vision, goals, target audience, and personality. 

strategy word abstract in vintage wooden letterpress printing blocks, stained by color inks, isolated on whiteCosmetic tube with branding and patternMoonthlies logoMoonthlies box packaging

HOW I do it:

Research, brainstorming, and sometimes magic is how I create your unique brand identity. Industry research is my first stop for any new logo design. Every industry is different. What speaks to your industry’s audience says something completely different to another industry.  The research I do is vital when giving you logo options. 

HOW it benefits you:

I specialize in YOU! I discover your market, your audience, your business and use my unique journey, wisdom, education, and create a brand identity that speaks to your audience’s heart every time they see it. The freedom that freelancing from my beautiful paradise allows is also a great benefit to you. I have the time, energy, and low overhead to help your rate of increase soar. 

When you are ready to make serious branding business gains, hop on my calendar. I’m ready to specialize in you and your business!!

Get on my Calendar

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