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3 Ways To Help Brand Awareness

By June 4, 2022 October 2nd, 2022 No Comments
Brand Awareness

Every well known brand started out where you are right now. Brand awareness is earned. No matter your budget, there are three quick and easy steps. These changes will increase the likelihood that your brand is recognizable and memorable in the minds of your clients and customers.


#1 Keep it Simple & Clear

Confusion in a brand mark is the biggest and most easily corrected mistake I witness in branding. Even with business’ that have paid a designer for a brand mark. The excitement of wanting your new brand mark to be seen everywhere can create a messy, unpleasant image. You want your brand mark to be legible and clean. Your potential clients unconsciously fear what they do not understand.

The adaptability of a logo is important. For example, what background, product, flyer, and/or packaging you place your logo on matters. It breaks my designer heart to see a witty, clean logo on a background that muddies it. For this reason, brand style guides have become my go-to for even my smallest projects. Background do’s, don’ts and clear zones are helpful for you, the business owner, to know and recognize when your logo is being placed on a clashing background. If something can be taken away from your design frigging, take it away. Simple is memorable!

#2 Let Your Brand Mark Breathe

As mentioned above, clear zones are of great necessity EVERYTIME you place your brand mark ANYWHERE. Clear zones indicate the proximity of a logo to other visual elements. Whether it is an online menu, a t-shirt, or signage; your logo needs to be easily recognized and have clear space around it. Crowded brand marks read to customers as unbalanced, and unprofessional and make it difficult to differentiate your business from the other numerous options.






#3 Eliminate Useless Redundancy and Capitalize on Useful Repetition

You do not need a banana in your logo just because your brand name is Banana Republic. Useless brand redundancy is overwhelming. Balance and consistency are key to earning the brand recognition you desire.

Your favicon (Favicons are small icons used in browser tabs, browser history, toolbar apps, bookmarks dropdown, search bar, and search bar recommendations) DOES NOT need to be your entire brand mark. Your audience will not be able to read your typographical mark at that scale. Take a small part of your brand mark (Like the “N” in Netflix shown below) and use it instead.


Useful repetition is hallmark to a well-designed brand. Brand designers have a talent for taking a small element of your brand and using it in a variety of ways. Fashion patterns are a common way we see this done (Think Coach & Gucci). These patterns gently signify, rather than shout, their origins.


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