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I’m not sorry anymore

By September 7, 2022 No Comments

Ok, maybe you will hear me apologize a few more times in addition to the billion times I already have done so in my lifetime, but aren’t we all a work in progress? 

My latest aha moment has me questioning “why do I apologize when I truly am not sorry?” This is exactly where I would then offer a ceremonial apology for being MIA the past few months, but again I’m not sorry. 

I spent the summer focusing on my four adult children; Brennan, Bryce, Kelsie, and my newly acquired daughter, Annie. They are all now attending their college classes and are at varying stages of work status (part-time, full-time, beginning a new one, etc.) I’m not sorry that their educational, career statu’, and well-being weigh heavily on my heart and mind. 

I am however sorry that the culture in which I find myself living devalues my mostly invisible contribution to their accomplishments and well-being. I also had the chance this summer to re-evaluate Jen Cloes Designs’ purpose. I have encouraged you as an entrepreneur to find your purpose in this blog post from 2017, but found myself once again forgetting to do the same.

After spending the summer watching my children find purpose in their ever changing young adult lives, I realized my driving purpose for Jen Cloes Design’s was in need of a makeover. Jen Cloes Designs’ new niched purpose is to strategically brand identity systems for growing female owned businesses. Looking back at my breadth of brand work, it became clear to me that I am passionate about female led businesses.

While helping  Moonthlies with their rebrand expanding their previous logomark to encompass a variety of new products rather than limiting their target market to menstrual disc users. I found myself immersed in information on women’s bodies and all the different seasons of our lives. I enjoyed sketching the moon cycles and finding a unique way to incorporate them into their new brand identity. 

I was in high spirits earlier this year when collaborating with Amy Garner on her new elevated charcuterie venture, Fig + Floret. It was a beautiful moment when she chose the well designed feminine typeface created by Sensatype to pair with the final hand sketched logo mark. The combination is formal and expressive in nature, artfully detailed yet not overwhelming. 

Women owning who we are and not shrinking or quieting ourselves in order to feel valued, accepted and confident is what brings me joy and fills me up.

Are you ready to stop feigning apologies and be a part of this growing network of strong female entrepreneurs? Let’s launch new products, land investors and gain your fair share of your market together.


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