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Have you worked with a designer before? Did you use a mood board?⁣

⁣Mood boards are boards which people fill with different kinds of visuals. These visuals range from photos to various textures, fonts and colors. Mood boarding helps visualize ideas and concepts.⁣

⁣When a product or business is at the stage of an abstract idea, it is sometimes difficult for a designer and a client to communicate their ideas and emotions together effectively. When a designer uses art jargon a lot of clients will be completely clueless as to what they mean. But show them a mood board that incorporates those concepts and they immediately understand and then can express what they love or hate about the ideas.⁣

Mood boards effectively share ideas with others because visual material always works better than spoken word in narrowing and honing in on visual and abstract concepts.

I personally love pinterest for this express reason. I have had more than one business owner audibly chuckle at me when I mentioned pinterest. But, obviously, they haven’t yet figured out how powerful a visual search engine is.⁣

⁣Honestly mood boarding saves both myself and my clients time and energy. I have tried to work with clients without starting off with a mood board and we miss the mark. It is something I now always include and consistently refine throughout the design process.


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