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You are NOT ready to hire a Professional!

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Sparks of business ideas abound in the cyber world we are living in. Successful entrepreneurs are generally profit minded people. It has been my experience that creative minds are not so focused on profits, but more interested in communicating ideas and emotions visually. For most creatives this is an internal need that daily begs to be satiated. This leads people like Carolyn Davidson originally being paid a measly $35 for a now world renowned Nike logo.


My first logo was sold for $75. Was it a brilliant swoosh? Most certainly not. Just as an entrepreneur’s first business idea is generally not their best and brightest idea. We are all human, right?! 

So when is the timing right for an entrepreneur to hire a professional designer?

It is NOT at the start of gaining your business license. Yep, you read that correctly. New businesses should not use a professional designer. Instead, cue the clip art and create your own design template companies. If you are not yet turning a profit then it is NOT in your best interest or in the best interest of a professional designer for you to pay professional prices. 

I have three tell tale signs when your business is ready to pay for a professional to collaborate with you to communicate your genius to the world. 

1. You have reached the point that you are registering your brand name. You have worked hard and started to gain traction in your industry. Your business needs your brand name legally registered and protected. 

2. You are hiring a manufacturing company, printing company, or any other professional that will require a keen eye to look out for costly design mistakes. Have you heard the famous quote by Dr. Ralf Speth “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design?” Nothing breaks my heart faster than seeing a fabulous and expensive package or product with a crappy logo. 

My hubby and I tried out a noodle company recently here in our little country town of Ramona. The ramen was absolutely delish, the decor was on point, but oh that darn logo of theirs. I cringed when I saw it and I am still pondering sending them a free design. 

3. You are standing on a precipice of high exposure. Entrepreneurs call this an opportunity cost situation. If you are preparing for a conference or a big marketing situation it would behoove your business greatly to take the opportunity to spend professional currency to make that backdrop readable and your branding stand out against your competition. There is nothing you can do to take back a bad first impression.

My professional opinion on this topic may not be the most popular, but as a professional designer it has come through experience and education. Do the creatives and your business a huge favor and only hire a professional when you are actually ready for the investment. 

If this is YOU, let’s connect!  Click the link below to sign-up for a FREE Branding Consult with Jen, Owner of Jen Cloes Designs. 

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