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No Budget, No Problem

By September 19, 2022 No Comments
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I’ve recently had an influx of client inquiries from brand new or just starting out business owners. This sparked me thinking “How can I  help guide you when your budget is low to zero?”

We all have to start out somewhere, right? Most of us are not granted endless budgets or fairy godmothers. Your hobby or side gig may  suddenly need to support you more financially, or you need something on a bigger scale to encourage more positive mental wellness for yourself. 

Whatever the reason, finding yourself without a budget but wanting to market your business is not a reason to quit. There are more effective ways to grow your brand than a flashy new logo.

Here are a few tips that will encourage growth within your brand but without the financial strain: 

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again, you need to stand apart from your competitors in order to succeed. It does not matter what industry you are in. Your clients and customers are looking for THE business that best suits their individual needs and challenges.

I spoke with a sweet lady this week that has zero budget but is starting her housekeeping business. She was focused on getting a new logo, but what she really needs is to lean into her current 5 star customer satisfaction rating and tie her business name & profile to her previous posted reviews. 

I suggested using one consistent color background on her profile photo and wearing this same color while cleaning. She needs to capitalize on the differentiation that she has already established, rather than confusing a new customer who happens upon her social media page and questions if she is in fact the housekeeper that her good friend boasted about. If she doesn’t, this potential customer will likely move on.

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A great way to expand your audience with little budget is to create a newsletter, blog, or podcast. A major perk of this digital world is sharing your hard earned knowledge and know how to grow a following. Giving away valuable information for free will improve your reputation as well as create champions of your brand. 

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Tapping into someone else’s audience to market can be a win-win for you both. Sharing is caring, and growing together is better! You can naturally expect a bit of attrition after the giveaway, but you both will have more connections than you did before the giveaway.

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Engaging with your local community is a cost effective way to increase your brand awareness without breaking the bank. Sponsor or host community events, get out there and network. You may not be the right fit for those you meet, but you may be right for their mom’s, sister’s, aunt’s, and/or husband’s best friend’s new wife. Creating a positive connection, whether they need your services or not, is more important than we give it credit for. 

Without brand awareness your business will not grow, no matter how much money you spend.  Take time to connect with your audience using these simple steps listed above. Your next step is explained in this previous post Ready to Hire a Professional

When you have built your business to the level explained above, let’s chat! Get on my Calendar and let’s push your company to its next stage of growth.


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